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Universal Mobile App

Company: Kettle, New York City, NY

Year: 2014

Client: Penguin Random House

Role: Project Lead — project and product lead for the redesign of the MadLibs universal, mobile app with 4 subsequent licensed releases. Managed client, vendors and internal cross-functional teams throughout the project, its timelines and budgets.

Challenge: Make MadLibs appealing to the younger generations and revive it’s legacy of being the most popular, Americana, paper-based game into the digital world.

Results: Fusing data, design and technology we introduced new functionality while keeping the game at its core: simple, fun and effortless. To date, the app has over 2 million unique users.

Bonus: Killer team! You can view the extensive work done behind this project on my teammate’s portfolio sites — UX side: design director Jenn Vo  and UI side: web & product designer Jeffrey Rodriguez and Illustrator: Jarold Guzman 


User Experience Strategy
Market Research
Concept Exploration
Client Presentations
Sound Design
App Dev & Submissions to iOS and Android

4 licensed versions




 You can download the iOS app here and the Android app here!

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