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What does the Web Producer mean to your company?

The definition of this role can also be affected by :

1. Your Title.
Different titles which will consequently add a variation or focus to the role.
ex. Digital or Interactive – Producer or Project Manager

2. Your Project.
Your project’s final output can either be a website, an experience, a product, a tool, an application, a service, a campaign or an ecosystem. It will make your role shift based on the tasks, responiebilities and deliverables of the project itself.

3. Your Company.
Your company could have a focus solely on design, ux, marketing, strategy etc. or be a hybrid. You can be part of an agency in design, in advertising, in production etc. Depending on what the company offers, your role will define which hats you need to wear.

4. Your Team Structure.
You can be a Producer that manages internal and external teams.
You can also manage one of the two and partner with an account manager role.
You can also partner with a Project Manager who will focus on the foundation and internal maintenance work of your project while you manage production, client, team and output.
You can be technical/development savvy and not need a tech lead type role or you can be more of a tech PM focus lead your self.

Every Web Producer is a unique mold. You don’t go to school for this role, you learn on the job and finetune your style, preferences and career path as you go. You can take courses, obtain certificates, attend talks, workshops etc. to polish your knowledge.

In the end you are the project lead. You know what works best for your project and team structure and you will do your best to create an environment, team and style that to make your projects run as smoothly as possible 🙂

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