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Webpm Tips: Hunting for freelance gigs as a digital producer

+ Always keep track of which recruiter has pitched you somewhere and where you have reached out yourself directly.
There is this invisible contract between a recruiter and an agency when you are being pitched. Meaning if recruiter A pitched you at agency A, recruiter B cannot pitch you at agency A, as there is an invisible contract between you-recruiter A-agency A. This contract usually lasts 6mos — up to a year. Meaning, if someone else presents you there later on, the original recruiter takes the cut. So keep track. Be honest and nice.

There is no handbook that teaches you such things. You find out the hard way (ahem). It’s a competitive field out there and you always want to play a fair game with recruiters. Trust me, their world is small and word goes around.

+ To print or not print out your resume.
I tried something new the last time I was looking for flance (short for freelance) work: I never took prints out of my resume with me. I sent it (once more) as an attachment, about an hour before my interview. I indirectly forced my interviewer (or the assistant) to print it and therefore force them to scan my resume before i arrived. It’s frankly annoying when an interviewer has not done their homework on you or forgets to print out your resume overall. If I’ve taken time to craft that piece of paper oh so carefully, please scan it. Towards the end of my job hunt, I ended up carrying spare copies. I gave up on my stubbornness.

+ Don’t dress up too much
A simple, solid color dress with a splash of another color works.Either it’s a funky necklace, belt or shoes. If a Creative is interviewing you, trust me, they will compliment on your funky shoes. (check!)

+ Power zone of hands
Don’t let your hands carry you away. Keep your gestures between you waist and shoulder area. As you go through tons of interviews, you’ll naturally practice this. If nervous, have a bottle of water with you, no pens or anything else alike to fuss with.

+ If you attend more than 1 interview in a day …
:: Ditch the bike. I love biking, but the sweaty hair won’t do it.
:: Carry the following in your purse/bag: deo, hand sanitizer, perfume, mints/gum, hair product, phone charger.

+ Always follow-up promptly after the interview
You know this one, always follow-up with thank youz etc. no later than a day and lay out the request for next steps. Once I got to work client side I adapted a different opinion to the follow-up time frame. My employers would say things like “Oh this guy followed up within hours but the other guy didn’t follow-up until a day and a half later”. If you want the job, you gotta shine so follow-up promptly!

If you have any more to share, comment away:

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