Transformation & Operations

In my last two roles in Leadership, Learning & Inclusion I’ve helped the leadership team and organization subsequently find their footing — aligning on strategy, outcomes for the year, defining success metrics for their work, identifying areas for collaboration across the company and defining their team norms and social contracts. From designing such sessions, facilitating them and coaching them on action and follow-through, throughout the year.

Project Description:
Stitching a new org design, collaborating with transformation operations team and supporting the wave of a new culture under our new CEO, in the Leadership, Learning & Inclusion group. Lead integration across a group of 6 HR leaders and an org of 800 HR professionals.

My focus was/is end-to-end. My goal is to drive the design of a new operating model and strengthen partnerships between leaders.

Growth detail:
A staff that became a team, which designed its own manifesto and embraced a new ways of working and social contract.