Partnership Growth: Digital and Go-To-Market Strategy

I developed growth strategies with education and emerging technology focused partners on how to attract students, developers and enterprise-level users with successful skills-development-focused programs — to support the next generation of serial-entrepreneurs. Find out more about this team here: IBM Partners.

Project Description:
IBM and Unity are bringing the power of AI to the Unity community. Earlier this year, at INDEX 2018, IBM announced a partnership with Unity to launch the IBM Watson Unity SDK on the Unity Asset Store. This SDK is the first asset of its kind to bring scalable AI services to Unity, enabling developers to easily integrate Watson services such as visual recognition, speech to text, and language classification into their Unity applications. Millions of Unity developers globally now have access to the powerful cloud-based AI services of Watson directly within the Unity environment.

Growth detail:
Unity has become the most widely used video game engine and development platform in the world. To support and encourage the community of developers, Unity will be hosting Unite events in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin and Los Angeles. IBM will be showcasing our partnership with Unity at Tokyo (May 7-9), Berlin (June 19-21) and Los Angeles (Oct 21-23) in 2018

Working with a team of talented product, content and developer experts to create content and product offerings between IBM and Unity to — 1) aim to reach the 90% Unity gamer-developer community by being present at Unite Conferences, to provide useful tools on IBM technology to build better game applications in Unity, 2) Our goal is to also amplify thought leadership to the Unity developers transitioning to immersive technologies by providing tools to demonstrate the art of the possible of IBM technology applied to the space of AR/VR, and 3) lastly, to showcase growth capabilities of IBM solutions in immersive technologies for enterprise use cases.
Read more on my IBM blog post here:

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