YARN.FM Product

[RETIRED] Yarn, a podcast search and discovery engine. April 2015 — October 2016.

Year: 2015-2016
Role: Co-Founder, Growth & Partnerships

Project Description:
Our mission was to build the largest collection of on-demand podcast and radio content in the world, and provide the best possible listening experience.

Yarn’s technology was able to make deep semantic connections between all of the podcasts it collects. Understanding how podcasts relate to each other helps us provide incredibly accurate recommendations and a deeply personalized listening experience.

Yarn launched in 2017 and was in public testing while we collected as much content as possible. In 2016 we pivoted our model to make Yarn a self-service advertising platform that connects advertisers with podcast producers. Yarn would allow advertisers to place audio ads within any participating podcast. Instead of targeting a small selection of the most popular podcasts, Yarn would allow advertisers to distribute their reach and diversify their audience across entire categories of podcasts. Think Google Adwords for podcast content.

The team behind the product worked on Yarn as a passion project. While we learned a lot and almost considered going the accelerator route, we collectively decided to shut it down and move on to other passion projects.

Product design and development by Co-Founder Philip Jeffs.

Visual identity, art direction, and web design was lead by Co-Founder Frederik Delmotte.