ESPN.COM Redesign Pitch

Successfully lead the pitch engagement for the ESPN.COM redesign.

Year: 2013-2014
Role: Director of Production, Pitch Lead

Project Description:
While at my lovely days at AREA 17, we were engaged by ESPN to help redesign their website which receives up to 80 million visitors a month and handles 8,000 new pieces of content a day. I lead the pitch engagement inclusive of the team staffing, pitch discovery, the winning of the engagement through the ideas generation phase.

ESPN needed a solution that would help visitors sort relevance by not only surfacing what they were looking for, but also stumbling upon unexpected storylines. AREA 17 defined a user experience around personalization, discoverability, and urgency, with three separate homepage feeds oriented around simplified navigation and information architecture. Together they helped sports fans find and follow the content that matters to them most. AREA 17’S design process incorporated native HTML5/CSS3 based prototypes to leverage a highly fluid, iterative approach. AREA 17 developed close to 60 variations that included a traveling AJAX video player, a refined scoreboard, a customizable drag & drop navigation system, and continuous article reading experience.

You can see and read more from the lead creative Frederik Delmotte and lead developer Mike Byrne. A17 case study here.