• Reach Your Goals & Realize Your Full Potential
    On attending MogulX NYC 2019. First of, what is Mogul? It’s a tech platform and mobile app that provides tools to individuals & organizations to achieve optimal productivity, learning & growth. You can google/wikipedia your heart out. I’ve known about the tools since 2014 but I always brushed it off as another female-centric, maybe too-rah-rah-feministic-millenial-app. […]
  • Get your time back.
    Time management not as a process of planning but owning your own time. Time has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. I remember going through a phase where I was challenging my family as to why we have given into a Roman emperor defining the seven-day week. Why seven days? Why X hours […]
  • The Margaretville Cabin Renovation
    The Margaretville Cabin Renovation The research and journey of real estate 101 in upstate NYC • Finding the ‘one’ (be-still my beating heart), the dream cabin in the woods. • Tune into the demolition phase. And now, we’ll dive into the room-by-room renovation stories for those nerds that want the detail, tips, tricks and learnings! The Margaretville […]
  • Renewing my vows with IBM.
    The continuation to the journey of getting unstuck, rediscovering purpose and building my very own authentic definition of success. If you read my latest post on “The journey to finding purpose”, this is a continuation to that post. If you haven’t, pop over there to get the scoop. In short: I explained how I had […]
  • The journey to finding purpose
    On being stuck, getting unstuck and understanding that purpose is ever-evolving. This is my story on finding purpose: I realized that what I have been doing for ‘work’ the last decade, simply isn’t want I want to do when I grow up anymore. Someone once told me “if you can remember what it was like […]