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Aim for operational greatness

Is operational excellence the only way to measure company success? Not really. Companies that have their operations down, invest in excellence, and are always thinking ahead, about what’s next. Is that achieving ultimate greatness then? Not really. To be great, as a company — you, your entire team, and organization need to tap into your work ethics and your company culture.

I’m here to talk about my vision.

My vision is operational greatness: the secret sauce to company health is operating models melding with people & culture. The secret sauce to success is:

  1. A strong operating model (strategy, process, tools)
  2. A solid go-to-market strategy (product lifecycle, response program)
  3. Focus on the user/client
  4. Listen to the data
  5. Reflect your company’s values and culture in how you show up every day and in your own work

In this series I will dive deeper into my thoughts/research/observations on how the function of operations is the main influencer of your company culture; how one informs the other to achieve greatness.

I’m here to listen to your insights and welcome conversation. My mission is to listen for change and create with intent.

Why now? After 15 years of working in the program operations space across small, medium and large companies I’m ready to polish what good looks like.

✌ Nerd out with me in comments.

Topics to be broken out in separate posts:

• End-to-end management systems (From A to Z, show my the full picture; zoom in and zoom out)
• Product/Program lifecycles (How does stuff work? Visualize it, explain it in plain English)
• Channels and routes to market
• Value propositions/What does good look like?/What does success look like?
• Relationships with your users/customers/clients
• Relationships with your own teams/organization (the ‘power of teaming’ as my friend Elaine Schwartz says)
• Relationships with partners
• Team structures
• Cost structures
• Business models
• Ideation, Collaboration techniques

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